Who We Are


Who We Are

We are a team of compassionate advocates who are dedicated to provisioning our local communities with health-conscious vending. We are especially committed to ensuring children and families develop appropriate eating habits and joyfully experience the advantages connected to selecting meals reflective of a better quality of life.

We are a team that pledges to provide exceptional customer service throughout each phase of our vending process. We greatly value relationships and acknowledge the success of our mission is dependent on your satisfaction with East Coast Organic Vending.

What We Do

The mission of East Coast Organic Vending is to grow our passion for optimal wellness, balanced nutrition, and healthy living through programs and partnerships aimed at delivering a wide-variety of deliciously, wholesome vending refreshments to all people.

About Us

Our faith steers us to wise decision-making that is in the best spiritual and physical interest of our family. This is why our passion for healthy vending stems from pure joy and motivation to want to make meaningful contributions to those around us. Although one of our primary parental duties is to offer our children well-balanced foods, managing this responsibility becomes harder to accomplish as the kids grow older and gain greater self-access to the world. Therefore, we decided to create a pathway to nutritious, convenient, and reliable vending for those striving to overcome poor nutrition inclinations. By fully equipping charters, schools, hospitals, corporations, and other venues with the healthiest vending options, we play a key role in reducing adverse reactions associated with negative eating patterns. Promoting our vending programs and partnerships brings genuine excitement to our team.