Community Outreach

Keeping in great shapeFast food, soda and high calorie snacks are creating generations of unhealthy and obese children and adults. East Coast Organic Vending is concerned about the negative effects that high calorie and high fat diets are having on families, particularly when one in four adults are considered overweight just in America alone. In addition, nearly one-third of all children in the USA are overweight and at higher risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and poor self-esteem.

Join us!  Getting behind healthy vending programs is an opportunity to make a difference. Would you like us to present to your business, PTA or school board?  We support not-for-profits and businesses called to better the lives of children and families.  We are happy to participate in your upcoming fundraising event.

Please contact us with the following information to jumpstart your healthy vending program!

The Name of the School Principle, Head of the Parent Teacher’s Association, Food Service Manager or Human Resources Contact; including a phone number or email where we can get in touch with them to share the benefits of our unique healthy vending programs. 

Schools, businesses and other organizations can take part in our special school healthy vending programs, which provide natural and organic products for the benefit of students and patrons. Schools and other organizations can earn money through our special profit sharing program too!

Call our team at 1-843-670-7015 or email now!