Vending Program

modern school buildingOur business model is easy to understand.  It entices children and workforces to eat natural and enjoyable refreshments.  We value our customers and strive to provide them with a first-rate experience.





organicVendingMachineVending programs includes:
Absolutely no cost to locate machines and no ongoing fees, meaning its free!
One or more state of the art, attractive healthy vending machines placed in a location your choice.
Products selections are kid-tested, delicious, healthy, organic and meet your school’s nutritional needs.
A dedicated local operator who monitors, maintains and replenishes the machines as necessary.
The largest variety of product selections available to accommodate any age, taste, and price point.
A profit-share program that pays your school or business directly from each machine to fund important educational programs.
Fast set and start up timeframes.

In short, a healthy vending program and partnership opens a window of opportunity for you to make it a seamless practice for students, customers, and employees to choose natural and organic snacks and beverages.