You Had Me at Hello……

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Who We Are

On a mission to support our nation’s initiative to provide children and adults with healthier snack choices, East Coast Organic Vending prides itself on getting children and adults back on track to healthier eating habits.  Let’s be honest, our world is filled with an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to our foods.  Many of these choices are highly processed  and unhealthy, but convenience plays a huge factor in what we consume.

But what if……wait for it……. you could have snacks that were convenient, affordable AND good for you?  In a healthy nutshell, ECO Vending provides hassle-free access to healthier snack options and we are striving to promote this endeavor throughout schools & businesses in America.

Who I Am

1383697_10201678721743744_2117666_nSharmaine Roaden; Army wife, College of Charleston alumni, foreign language educator, and a part-time Martha Stewart in my home, my passion truly lies in all endeavors that involve education, children, the arts and leading a healthy lifestyle.  

As an educator, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I greeted my students upon their morning arrival only to see them consuming cookies, chips or doughnuts.  It has been my educational experience and passion for healthier snack options within schools that has fostered my partnering with ECO Vending to serve as a guest blog contributor. Together, I believe we can foster healthy vending habits throughout our nation by creating partnerships within the community.


How You Can Help

worldA cooperative partnership will always yield greater results than individuals working independently.  In other words, separately we can do so little, but together we can do so much.  Join us in our mission to promoting healthier eating habits by placing an ECO vending machine in your school or business.  Do you know of a school or business who would benefit from our profit-sharing program? Even better!  Spread the word. Support a cause. Build community. Change mindsets. Change lives.

 “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

                                                 – Aristotle